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Hundreds volunteer for ETX mission week


Hundreds of East Texans kicked off mission week bright and early Saturday morning.

Marvin United Methodist Church started mission week 26 years ago and other local churches have joined in to help East Texas families with projects they cannot do on their own.

These East Texas crews have been up since dawn and they have not wasted a second.

One crew working on a home near downtown Tyler said they had already made a lot of progress by lunch.

"We've already taken off four layers of shingles and deposited them in the dumpster, we're putting on a new roof. And we are replacing 18 windows," said Anne Pattulo, serving as crew chief at her site. 

Volunteers of all ages came together to help an East Texas family with some timely and costly repairs. 

Alondra Moreno and her little brother live in their Tyler home with their mother and Alondra's two children. 

"We were trying to save up money to get it fixed and I mean, having kids and stuff, it's not easy," Moreno explained. 

This is Tyler Reeve's second year to participate in mission week and while he is hard at work, his high school friends are...

"sleeping," he said with a laugh. 

Reeves said helping this family is incredibly rewarding, but all of this hard work is helping him too.  

"I like helping and I figured this was getting me ready for football, getting me in the heat, getting exercise, instead of sitting on the couch and eating all day," Reeves said with a smile. 

"We always say we don't know who gets more out of it, the homeowners who are getting their houses repaired, or the people that are working and joining one another in really great fellowship," Patullo said. 

"For them to just come and help us and not knowing us and just coming and helping out and being so nice with us and everything and doing what they can for us is really nice," Moreno said. 

Now, what would have taken weeks, months or even years to repair will now be completed in just a matter of days free of charge.

The volunteers are completing five home renovations this week and plan on wrapping everything up by Saturday.

If you would like to volunteer, click here.

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