Pink fire trucks roll into Lufkin to help cancer survivors

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - You may have noticed three pink fire trucks in Lufkin today. There is no need to be alarmed; the city is not re-painting their trucks.

These special trucks are part of a nationwide 145 day tour looking to help cancer survivors.

Pink is the color used to promote breast cancer awareness. In this case it is used to promote survivors.

The "Pink Heals" tour aims to help local communities raise money to help those affected by cancer in their own towns.

Every support group tries to find their own way to stick out, and three pink fire trucks is no exception.

"Wow! Those are huge! What a great billboard on wheels," said cancer survivor Dianne Morgan.

"Wow! That catches your attention and it is such a unique way to inform people," said Dr. Sid Roberts, the Director of the Arthur Temple Cancer Center at Memorial Hospital.

"Everybody views firefighters as heroes and seeing a pink fire truck just draws attention to it that much more because it does make you stop and do a double take," said Dwayne Turner, Captain at Lufkin Fire Station No. 2.

The group called "Guardians of the Ribbon" has more than 500 vehicles nationwide including fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and support vehicles.

"Cities are donating trucks because they used to say they're old trucks and no good and send them out of the country. Why not paint them pink and adopt this program and raise money for your own people," said Dave Graybill, founder of the "Hope that Heals" Tour.

Morgan said she feels hope when viewing the trucks.

"It's great to have such support and people making cancer prevention aware to this community," said Morgan.

A closer look at the trucks and people realize they are covered with more than just pink paint. They are covered with messages of hope and love.

"A lady driving down the road stopped and asked if she could sign the truck," said Graybill.

They are messages that Graybill hopes will make a difference in the next 145 days and beyond.

To see where the pink trucks will be rolling into next, you can check out the official tour page.

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