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Pop-up thunderstorm blows through northwest Tyler


A pop-up thunderstorms hammered northwest Tyler before moving north along Highway 271 towards I-20. When it hit the 9600 block of Highway 271, the storm grew in intensity and even produced a little hail.

Our cameras caught a flash of blue light on the west side of 271 around 1:30 on Tuesday. When the rain stopped, we circled back and saw a large tree limb on top of a power pole holding a transformer. Oncor crews were quick to cut it down. Across the street, wind blew part of a tree on a house causing some roof damage. Next door, another tree top snapped and fell into a picnic table between two houses.

"Well, it started raining; a lot of rain came down. My grandmother heard a crash and she came and told me something's fallen in the back yard, and that's what's happening. We have another couple limbs down up front there," said Rebecca Allen, who was there at the time.

There were no storm related injuries reported in the area.

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