Trinity woman arrested for cashing in stolen merchandise

Pamela Graham (Source: Trinity Police Department)
Pamela Graham (Source: Trinity Police Department)

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - Trinity police are investigating items stolen and returned for cash from two different local stores. Pamela Graham was booked into jail Monday night after surveillance revealed her stealing merchandise.

It was a crime spree Trinity authorities say started at Alco. Pamela Graham took some items off the shelf and returned the same stolen merchandise for cash. Her next stop would be Brookshire Brothers.

"A gentleman who just happens to be the president of the crime stoppers association here is also the lost prevention person for Alco called us because he had followed the lady that they suspected that just scammed them at the store," said Trinity Chief of Police Steve Jones.

Trinity police officers questioned Graham at the store Monday after receiving a call about her suspicious activity.

"After questioning her at the time she denied any wrong doing. We really didn't have anything to detain her further on, so we had to let her go," Jones said. "However, after we reviewed the camera system that Brookshire Brothers has, it revealed what she had done during the course of the day."

Her actions earned her a few nights in jail with a misdemeanor theft charge.

KTRE was able to obtain surveillance video. If you look closely, you can see Graham as she gets out of her car, takes the two lawn chairs, then tears the tags off.

The manager told her she could not get any money back without a receipt but no wasn't an option. Graham insisted she get a refund and finally on her third visit back to Brookshire Brothers on Monday she was given $39.99 each for both of the chairs she stole.

The assistant store director said their number one goal is taking care of the customer.

"We state our policy and if it's not to their liking, we'll go out of our way to take care of them," Dustin Colvin said.

Graham may have walked away with cash but now she's paying for it.

Chief Jones said Graham's actions are the reason many truthful customers are not able to return their items without a receipt.

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