TxDOT working overtime on improvements during the summer

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Summer has arrived and East Texas roadways arefilled with construction crews making improvements to keep roads safe fordrivers.

"Crack sealing, chip seals we usea micro-surfacing and we do some milling, inlay work and that's what you'vebeen seeing," said Jesse Sisco, Lufkin Area Engineer.

Lufkin Area Engineer Jesse Sisco says summertimeis the busiest for TxDOT crews because the materials used for the road need tobe kept at certain temperatures.

Sisco says throughout the summer,crews will be working on various projects. Loop 287 is already undergoingpreventative maintenance.

"If we rehabilitate the road it's goingto improve the pavement structure and improve the life of that road," saidSisco.

Drivers say they are very excited about theoverpass connecting Loop 287 and Highway 59.

"It's just got to be done we'rejust going to have to live with it because it only happened for a month or so,"said Larry Deitz, driver.

Sisco says crews are still in thefirst phase of the project but when the expansion is complete traffic will flowfreely.

Highway 7 in Nacogdoches is alsoseeing some improvements.

"We're also adding climbing lanesand shoulders which will help drivers and their commutes," said Sisco.

"You got a lot of agitated people outthere that's driving and they need to just be patient," said Troy Raley,driver.

And drivers say right now theconstruction slows down traffic, but eventually they will reap thebenefits.

"In the long run you're going tobe able to go to point a to point b a lot quicker and a lot safer," saidRaley. TxDot officials say patience in the key to keeping the road safe forworkers and other drivers.

"Everybody is going to benefit in the long run if wework together," said Sisco.

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