Trinity woman thankful for healthy life after many years of heartache

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - After losing several loved ones to cancer, a Trinity woman found herself battling the same fight with the disease. Samantha Sonier packed up and moved to Texas as she continued to fight health issues year after year.

Losing your parents is never easy especially for Sonier who lost both her mother and father to cancer.

"It's horrible. You sit and watch your parents die and watch the disease consume somebody that you love," Sonier said.

Four days after her father's death, her children lost their father to cancer.

"My children at the time were just emotionally struck," Sonier said.

A few months later, Sonier would begin her own battle with the same illness.

"I had cervical cancer," Sonier said.

In 2007, the multiple tests, biopsies and sleepless nights began.

"At the time I was like really back and forth," Sonier said. "I was like battling in my mind about it realistically because I was still dealing with everything from prior."

The next 12 months was an uphill fight until finally there were no more traces of cancer.

Sonier continued to push forward despite her back and forth health challenges but a week after having a child in 2009 complications set in. She was diagnosed with postpartum cardiomyopathy.

"My heart was enlarged; it wasn't pumping properly. At worst case scenario, and I remember at this point is when I broke down; the doctor said you will have to have a heart transplant. And I just lost it," Sonier said. "At that moment I'm thinking about my new born baby, about all my children, then I'm thinking back again about my mom and dad's death."

Sonier gave birth to a son in 2011 despite being told she would not survive another pregnancy.

"I'm thinking is this baby going to survive and what's going to happen because I already had this procedure done; the doctor already told me that I couldn't have any children. It just seemed so surreal," Sonier said.

A few weeks later Sonier was dealing with the death of her new born baby.

"I have had to really, really dig deep within me to come out stronger than what I am," Sonier said.

Today, the mother of 8 is living life cancer free with a strong, healthy heart; and with a new addition to the family.

"Whatever you believe in or whatever brings comfort to you, hold on to that. Hold on the people around you; hold on to your faith," Sonier said.

This survivor encourages others to live life surrounded by loved ones and to laugh as much as possible.

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