Teens with the United Methodist Army spread God's love in Crockett

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - An army of teenagers is skipping a week of sleeping in and swimming this summer to give back to their community doing mission work in East Texas.

East Texas News stopped by to see what the United Methodist Army is working on in Crockett.

These teens are on a mission.

"We're doing mission work at various homes in the community, which means we're building wheelchair ramps, sets of stairs, repairing roofs, building floors, replacing porches for people in the community that can't afford to have that work done themselves," said Melanie Cheairs, the director of the U.M. Army Mission Camp.

It's the United Methodist Action Reach Out Mission by Youth, and they are the U.M. Army.

All this week more than 50 youths from the Kingwood area of Houston are in Crockett giving back to the community.

This is Logan Cradic's third year, and he says this missionary work means the world to him.

"Just to see the smile on her face every time she comes out with her grandkids, it just means everything to me," Cradic said.

On Wednesday, the U.M. Army was making repairs to the roof of one Crockett home, which had deteriorated over the years. After several days of hard work, the resident will finally be able to move back into their home.

"We're going to be able to let this lady live in her house again because right now she can't even reside here because there's holes in the roof, everything is just falling apart," said Abby Antrich, another U.M. Army volunteer. "It's a really great experience because not only do we go out to serve them in a physical and material manner, but they also like return the gift with their gratitude and appreciation for us."

Another U.M. Army group was working at 87-year-old Ethel Love's home.

"I'm talking to some lovely people that's come to help me out with my house and I love them," Love said. "They are helping me repair my house because it was going down and they come in as Christian people to help me."

Love was also enjoying the company.

"I love young people because I'm old, and that's what makes me feel young."

The U.M. Army says they hope to share the word of God by making a difference in the community.

The U.M. Army will be working on mission projects across Crockett through the end of the week. There will be another U.M. Army mission in Jasper in July.

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