Lufkin neighborhoods going hog wild?

When you think of feral hogs, you probably think about the deep woods. Not so in this case. A property owner in a heavily populated neighborhood caught this pig in his yard and we're told this isn't a rare occurrence. At 6, Caleb Beames explains what you can do if you see one in your yard.

Evangelism is a method of spreading the gospel in a direct fashion both inside and outside a church building. All this week, hundreds of followers of the Church of God in Christ gathered in the small Davis Memorial Church in Nacogdoches. It's the exact kind of outreach the international department of evangelism seeks out each summer. At 6, Donna McCollum reports evangelism is seen in the sanctuary and on the streets.

And at 10, Francesca Washington explains what city officials are doing to get rid of those pesky mosquitoes!

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor