Nacogdoches church members evangelize through street ministry, music

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Evangelism is a method of spreading the gospel in a direct fashion both inside and outside a church building.

All this week, hundreds of followers of the Church of God in Christ gathered in the small Davis Memorial Church in Nacogdoches. It's the exact kind of outreach the International Department of Evangelism seeks out each summer.

All this week, passersby and visitors at the Davis Memorial Church of God in Christ heard the Gospel come alive morning, noon, and night. The Gospel music set the tone for the denominations mission, "pursuing the world through evangelism."

"Evangelists have the whole world out there that they can witness to and they don't have to have a platform or they don't have to have a pulpit because out there is the greatest audience we could have," said evangelist Elizabeth Edward, an elect-lady of Region 3.

There are lessons on a witnessing lifestyle, but it's practiced through street ministry.

"You can save souls; just like he saved me, he can save you," said Elder Daniel Jones, the evangelism coordinator for Region 3.

Jones knows that for newcomers, evangelism can take them outside their comfort zone.

"Don't be scared," Jones said, prompting laughter from the church members.

They knocked on doors hoping they'll be answered. When someone did answer, they asked, "In your spare time, would you read this?"

If the person answered yes, the street evangelists took the next step and provided the address to the church.

"We have yet to go out and a soul not get saved," Jones said.

Host pastor Elder A.L. Shaw wants his congregation to grow. As the newly appointed director of college ministry at the international level, Shaw gravitates toward young people.

"You know, so many kids, particularly in Nacogdoches, they kind of lose their way coming from high school to a very independent living," said Shaw, the pastor of the Davis Memorial Church of God in Christ. "Well our goal is to help those young people navigate through the maze of understanding what real adulthood is like."

The guidance comes from gentle instruction, bold witnessing, or soulful music. Evangelism was at work in the church and on the street.

Tonight, Dr. Elijah Hankerson of St. Louis, the president of the Department of Evangelism will speak at Davis Memorial in Nacogdoches.

Tomorrow morning, the week-long summit will conclude with a breakfast.

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