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Cycling lanes planned for Toll 49


Friday morning, the Tyler Biking Club met with toll road officials to discuss plans on creating a bike lane on Toll Road 49.

The lane would travel beside vehicles on the toll road, off on the right hand shoulder of the road.  

Tyler Simpson, a member of the Tyler Biking Club, believes the toll road is ideal and safe.

"It has a good shoulder, limited access, it has limited entrances and exits," said Simpson.
The new cycling lane will cost the Tyler Biking Club $60,000, which has all been collected by supporters of the community.
"We met the $60,000 which is incredible. It's a showing that the community is for this project," said Simpson.

The biking club is responsible to pay for the proper safety requirements needed for road cyclists.

"We're paying for the initial stripping to TxDot standard. The lanes will be four foot wide with a protective buffer and the proper crossings of the ramps and the exits and also the proper signage to make it safer for cyclists," said Simpson. 

The new biking trail will start at the intersection of Highway 110 and Toll Road 49. It will continue ten miles down the toll road and end at Highway 155.

Simpson also believes the toll road will be best for cycling commuters.

"A lot of people are using cycling for commuting and the 49 is a very crucial connector for commuters. If it were to be closed to cyclists, it would be tragic to push those cyclists onto much more dangerous road ways," said Simpson.

The Tyler Biking Club is meeting with toll road officials again in Texarkana on July 9th. During that meeting they will show  they have collected the funds needed for the project. They will also have a motion set to have the stripping and signage engineered.

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