Thousands fill Lufkin Convention Center for Great Kid Escape

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Saturday the Lufkin Convention Centerwas transformed into a kid's dream world, filled with food, a dunking booth,nine bounce houses and even a special celebrity guest.

"This is amazing, Lufkin neededthis, this is wonderful," said Christina Graves, Mom.

This is the first year for the GreatKid Escape and officials say they wanted to offer the community a day of funspecifically for children.

"We saw that there was a lot ofevents for grown-ups to do in the area but there was nothing for kids to dothat was just all about them," said Lisa Wells, Live Events Manager, TownSquare Media

Officials say about 1,500 people wereexpected at Saturday's event.

Mother of four Christina Graves saysher kids were excited for all the activities but couldn't wait to meet a DisneyChannel star.

"I think it's wonderful we wereable to get her here and my girls are so excited and my boys won't admit it butthey are too," said Graves.

Peyton List plays the role of Emma onthe Disney show Jessie, and she couldn't wait to hangout out with kids.

"I'm so excited because wherever I gokids always have such different question and I love to talk to them," saidList.

Throughout the day there were variousperformances by organizations throughout the community.

"I'm excited about getting to beable to perform in front of a big crowd," said Alex Noe.

"Everyone wanted to do somethingfun for kids and this not your typical event and I think the concept to havethe kids do something really fun, I think the community has really embraced it,"said Wells.

Making it day children in thecommunity would never forget.

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