Community continues to support Alto boy who needs a new heart

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - While a one-year-old Alto boy waits for a new heart, the community is continuing to show their support. Pray for cooper is more than a message that is visible from Alto all the way to Houston. Cooper Low is continuing to touch hearts and gather encouragement along his journey.

Driving through Alto it's hard to miss the Pray for Cooper signs.

"It's asking anyone who believes in prayer to pray for him and to be aware that there is a special need. It is a more urgent need and a critical need than the average," said First Baptist Church Pastor Gary Pridmore.

Cooper Low's family says watching him enjoy life you wouldn't know he needs a new heart.

"Lisa and Heath found out while he was still in her womb that he had a defect with his heart," said Cooper's aunt Misty Duplichain. "Prayer is how he has made it to where he is now because he is healthy right now."

The one-year-old has been listed for close to 170 days in hopes of soon receiving a heart.

"For him to make it the rest of his life he is going to have to have a new heart,' Duplichain said.

Cooper has moved to Houston to be closer to Children's Hospital once the transplant is finally found.

"The down is him and his mom having to live in Houston. It's really hard having them be away, but the up is us knowing that one day he's going to be healthy enough to be back with us," Duplichain said.

While Cooper may be living hours away from home now, the community of Alto has continued to spread support.

"Hardly a week goes by that we don't pray for Cooper," Pridmore said.

"Without support from the community we wouldn't be able to make it through this," Duplichain said.

Thanks to the signs Alto hasn't been the only supporters for Cooper.

"We have had more than one person stop by the church that were traveling through and saw those signs to ask what that was about," Pridmore said. "Some of them have offered their prayers; some of them have sent offerings."

Gary Pridmore's first child was also born with a heart defect. He said it has been a blessing to witness the overwhelming amount of support for the Low family especially knowing what they're currently going through.

They are simple thoughts from strangers and the community for a boy who already has a big heart who is hoping to soon have a new one.

"He has touched more lives in the less than two years that he has been in this world than some of us have touched in 70 or 80 years," Pridmore said. "He is a special young man; he is our tiny superhero."

To keep up with Cooper and the continued support, visit the Facebook page.

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