70-year-old Jasper man fulfills dream of joining police force

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - 70-year-old Tom Parker joined theJasper Police Department just a month ago.

Parker works as a reserve officer forthe department after graduating from the Angelina College Police Academy in May.

"That was one of the toughestthings I ever did in my life but I'm glad I finished," said Parker.

After completing the 21 week course,Parker was able to fulfill his dream of serving the Jasper Community.

"I'm proud, it's something I neverthought I could do and the Jasper Police Department is a very good department,"said Parker.

Parker was oldest member in a classthat started with 38 students but after various training and intense testingnot everyone made it to graduation day.

"It was a great it was very interestinggoing across the stage with 24 of them," said Parker.

Parker says as a reserve officer, heserves his community anyway he can. For emergencies he's on call whenever thedepartment needs him.

And he doesn't plan on lettinganything slow him down.

"Just something that I had on mybucket list and that I wanted to try and I did it," said Parker.

And his instructors say his age may give himan edge out in the field.

"The older students have a lot oflife experience they can add," said Terri Dollar, Instructor.

Parker says after completing thecourse he believes it's never too late to pursue your dreams

"It doesn't matter what your ageis you have to be determined," said Parker.

And now that he's reached his goal he plans onusing his position benefit the community.

Parker said he did have to retake hisfinal exam before passing the course.

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