Crockett garden takes visitors to biblical times

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - East Texas is known for its pine trees and plant life, but the Crockett Garden Club is hoping to change up the local scenery with a project that dates back more than 2,000 years.

It's nowhere close to the Garden of Eden, but the ladies of the Crockett Garden Club are hoping to teach a few lessons with the new "Plants of the Bible" Garden.

"It's sort of a history project," said club member Sondra Byrne.

The bible list 139 plants, and the Crockett garden has 45 of those plants.

Finishing the garden wasn't easy.

"This was very over grown. The plants took on a life of their own without care," said Byrne.

With the support of First United Methodist Church of Crockett and both the Boys and Girl Scouts, the garden became a reality. Workers already have their favorites.

"I think my favorite plant is the willow. I just love its shape and that it can grow anywhere," said Byrne.

While many plants might look familiar, the ladies hope that those attending will be exposed to new things.

"This is an excellent place to come and say, 'I have read this, now what does it look like,'" said Byrne.

They also hope it will be a place of relaxation.

"People feel comfortable coming in and viewing the plants and having a picnic," said club member Donna Baker.

The garden is young and many of the plants haven't started to bear fruit, but the club knows the garden will grow.

"These are all in their infancy. The plants have not been in the ground that long and it is going to take a while to mature," said Baker.

Anyone interested in scheduling a tour of the or to get more information on how you can help the garden is asked to call Jolene Renfro at 936-687-2917 or the First United Methodist Church of Crockett at 936-544-2044.