Alto girl lives 5 years and 55 days; mother continues to share her grace

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - A young girl with a tremendous amount of grace is everything the Collie family hoped for.

"My husband had cancer when he was nine and from that the doctor said that he would never have children," Amanda Collie said.

In 2004, the Collie's had their first child.

"Hannah was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which is basically half a heart," Collie said.

Hannah would undergo four different open heart surgeries as an infant. The same place her father fought for his life would become Hannah's second home. Over the next couple of years, Children's Hospital in Dallas prepared her for the most important surgery of her life.

"Within less than 48 hours we had a heart from a precious little boy named Jalen who passed away and gave us that gift," Collie said. "It was hard to accept the fact that somebody else had to lose their child."

Amanda Collie knows just how vital it is to be not only an organ donor but also a blood donor.

"Hannah had at one point none of her own blood in her body and she was completely living off the generosity of people who donated blood," Collie said.

Thanks to many different donors Hannah lived a healthy life spending what would become valuable time with her family.

Two years after her transplant her health started to quickly decline.

"At one point she was dead for 13 minutes I believe and they brought her back," Collie said. "I watched them do CPR on her."

In 2009, the Collie's spent their last days with Hannah.

"She has a heart attack and passed away on October 25," Collie said.

Hannah lived five years and 55 days. It's something her mother will forever hold on to.

"In biblical numerology the number five is grace," Collie said.

This mother is continuing to spread her grace to others in the same situation she has found herself in more than once.

The Low family in Alto is patiently waiting for the day their son Cooper will receive a new heart.

"I take it to heart when I do it because I was there," Collie said. "There's no greater feeling than to be able to help a family in need."

She is carrying on her strength as her 17-month-old son survived open heart surgery at 3 days old.

Collie's two sons are her driving force each day and she continues to keep their sister's memory alive.

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