E. Texans voice opinions about DOMA decision

Wednesday history was madeas the Supreme Court voted to rule against the Defense of Marriage Act, statingsame-sex couples and opposite-sex couples deserve the same rights.

DOMA was signed in 1996 byPresident Bill Clinton, the act prevented same-sex couples from receivinghundreds of benefits under federal law.

"It tells Americans the justice system doesn'tcare who you love just that you're receiving equal and fair treatment I theeyes of the law," said Chris Daniel.

Senior Pastor of HarmonyHill Baptist Church John Greene says the issue of gay rights isn't about peoplehaving freedom but an issue of right and wrong.

"There is no national definition ofmarriage and now the definition is up for grab," said Greene.

The White House released a statement from PresidentObama on the ruling he stated, "When all Americans are treated as equals, nomatter who they are or whom they love we are all more free."

But Greene says the ruling makes him concernedfor the future of this country.

"You maybe can defineit by something else buts it should never be called marriage," saidGreene.

Nac Pride President ChrisDaniels says he hopes the decision opens the eyes of the community and theyrealize everyone deserves equal treatment.

"It's not about taking rights away fromthe state it's a matter of protecting the rights of all citizens."

Now 12 states and theDistrict of Columbia allow same sex marriages.

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