E. Texas fireworks stands raising money for a good cause

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Next week fireworks willlight up the sky during 4th of July celebrations and fireworks stands havepopped up on every corner.

But a few of those standsare hoping to benefit a worthy cause.

"Everything that weget is very important to us, as far as people coming out and supporting us,"said Joshua Brimer, ORA VFD.

This is the first year forthe Ora Volunteer Fire Department to open at stand.

Firefighter Joshua Brimersays the department serves areas throughout Angelina County and the funds theyraise will help them continue to serve the community.

"We have to struggleto put gas in these trucks and supplies and we need first responders also tokeep this going by doing fundraisers," said Brimer.

In Central, the fine artsstudents at Clawson Assembly of God spend their summer afternoons sellingfireworks to help them pay for national competition in Orlando in August.

"It's a programthrough the Assemblies of God that allows students to develop their talents,deploy them and use their gifts and abilities for the benefit of the kingdom,"said Ben Simms, Clawson Assembly of God.

About 20 students from the church will competeagainst thousands in categories like drama, human videos, rap and singing.

"Preparing for finearts is a huge thing we have hours and hours of practice," said Emily Avriett,Clawson Assembly of God.

On top of practice each isresponsible for raising about $800 to compete.

"We have to work at least three shiftseveryone splits up the time and everyone works equally to get an equal amountof money," said Avriett.

Volunteers and studentsboth say they hope when buying fireworks the public will remember how buyingsomething as simple as a sparkler can have an impact on the community.

Both stands opened on Monday and will be openthrough the 4th of July.

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