Owner of a recycling firm pitches service to rural ETX communities

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - An owner of a growing recycling company is targeting rural communities.

This afternoon, Commodity Recycling Solutions had the perfect audience to pitch the idea. The innovative concept was presented to the Deep East Texas Council of Governments.

With a variety of county and city leaders in one room, Joan Meeks, the president of Commodity Recycling, was in her element. The Fort Worth businesswoman has always had a passion for recycling. Now it's her livelihood.

"As my husband says, 'Yes, She's making money off of garbage,'" Meeks said.

Meeks owns Commodity Recycling Solutions, The company partners with customers to provide recycling services.

"We have over 450 line items that we can divert to a recycling program and away from the landfill," Meeks said.

This caught the attention of Houston County Judge Erin Ford while looking for solutions to solid waste problems.

Four months ago, Meeks opened a recycling center in Crockett.

"In one recycle day we got 28,000 pounds of recycle and electronics," Ford said.

The judge wants other counties to provide an even larger source for the company.

"My goal for the Pineywoods Corridor really is to help folks become knowledgeable about sustainability and recycling," Ford said. "Your paying for trash to be hauled off when that trash could be lining your programs with revenue."

Meeks knows the debate over the profitability of recyclables is ongoing, so she'll continue to voice her message and business to those who will listen.

The recycling center is currently located off the square in Crockett. Discussion is underway to possibly relocate the facility to Grapeland.

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