Brahman show signs long-term deal with Lufkin Expo Center

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's been close to a decade since this hundreds of Brahman cattle have made an appearance in Lufkin.

"We were here last in 1994. The National Junior Brahman Show started in 1980 and since then it's traveled to different venues around the country; and the good thing about being here in Lufkin is that we've signed a long term agreement," said American Brahman Breeders Association Executive Vice President Chris Shivers.

Hundreds of cattle lovers age eight to 21 have been in town all week networking with each other about their similar passions that started many generations ago.

"We've got 230 kids exhibiting 600 head of registered Brahman cattle," Shivers said. "They're not only showing cattle, but they're participating in a number of leadership contests."

Bethalan Bishop has been showcasing cattle since the young age of three in Florida.

After participating in 40 shows per year she knows exactly what judges have been looking for this week.

"They just want their front feet to be straight with their body, they want them to be straight across the top, they want them to be flat hipped, and they want them to be big boned," Bishop said. "They also want them to have good pigment, which is just a solid black nose."

At 12 years old Bishop knows exactly what kind of cattle she enjoys working with best.

"Brahmans are just a lot easier to keep up with and they're just so pretty. I just love them," Bishop said.

Shivers said the 2013 Brahman Show will bring in more than #750,000 to Lufkin.

All-American and National Grand Champion winner Andrew Simon from Louisiana has had a pleasant experience spending money here this week.

"There's a good bit to do here surprisingly," Simon said. "It doesn't seem like Lufkin is that big but we've managed to find things to do. We'll go eat, people like to go shopping at different stores, and we'll just ride around and go pick things up here and there."

Bishop has no complaints about the city either.

"I've loved it. It's really cool here," Bishop said.

After signing a long-term agreement, The All-American National Junior Brahman Show will be back at the Lufkin Expo Center in 2015 and 2017.

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