Houston County awarded for preserving history

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - East Texas is home to theoldest county in the state.

Houston county is not onlythe oldest but year in and year out is one of the most honored counties in thestate.

Preserving history istaken seriously at the Historical Commission Office in Crockett.

The team of volunteers hasbrought home the Outstanding Service Award every year since 2006.

"We have some who areexperts at writing grants. We have others who are experts at cemeteries andpreserving cemeteries. We just have a vast collection of people," saidCommission Chairman Paul Stringer.

Every year the StateHistorical Commission honors those counties that go above and beyond and 2012was no different. 88 counties made the list including Houston.

Volunteers say that what they are doing istheir purpose.

"The main purpose ofthe historical commission is preservation of culture and historical buildingsand we have done a lot of that in the last year towards accomplishing these goals,"said Stringer.

In the last year, interestin the county's long history has picked up.

"We celebrated the175th anniversary last year and that really peaked and gave people more interest,"said former Chairman Barbara Wooten.

With new extended office hours,and new tours, the staff here says the award is well deserved.

"We deserve it. Wegive a lot of hours and this is all for the community," said volunteer GladysHollan.

With all the history thevolunteers have collected over the years, they know their work is never done.

"No matter what, wecontinue to do the work of historic preservation in the county," said Wooten.

The historical commissionwill receive the distinguished service award on July 12 at the monthly HoustonCounty Commissioners court meeting.

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