Huntington Dollar General scrutinized for apparent mold on ceiling tiles

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - An employee at the Huntington Dollar General store recently reached out to KTRE on Facebook alleging that black and pink mold was growing on several ceiling tiles in the store.

Jeanetta Sneed said she spoke out knowing she could lose her job because she believes the mold poses a health hazard.

In the back of the Dollar General store in Huntington, there are trash bags covering ceiling tiles and several spots of what appears to be black and pink mold growing on the ceiling.

Jeanetta Sneed works at the Zavalla Dollar General and was transferred to the Huntington store to fill in while they were short-staffed.

Sneed said after only two days she started feeling ill.

"When I first got there I was like there's mold here. I'm not feeling good," Sneed said.

Sneed said she spoke out because she's allergic to mold spores.

"It's not healthy," Sneed said. "Especially for people that work there because they're there for prolonged periods of time. "

"Not only are several employees in danger but customers who have allergies to it and that's why I try not to go back there because I found out when I was little that I was allergic to it so I try to stay away from it as much as possible," Sneed said.

KTRE talked with a spokesperson from the Dollar General corporate offices today and they said they did know about the mold here at the Huntington store and they are in the process of making the necessary repairs. KTRE went inside to look around and all the ceiling tiles that have mold on them are still there, and it doesn't appear that any repairs have been made yet.

Dollar General released a statement saying "Dollar General recently closed the Huntington store to address air condition maintenance issues. After a thorough inspection, which found no evidence of harmful mold, the store reopened. Work to address interior cosmetic issues will be completed this week."

Sneed said her employment with Dollar General was terminated after she violated their social media policy.

East Texas News reached out to the Angelina County Health Department on multiple times over the past several days and my phone calls were not returned.

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