HELPING HAITI DAY TWO: Who's serving who?

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Today, Fredonia Hill Baptist Church brought Vacation Bible School to Haiti.

Dr. Jacob Benard runs the Bethel Guest House and Orphanage. It was only the guest house, where missionaries stayed before the earthquake struck.

Benard moved his orphanage out of Port-Au-Prince after the earthquake leveled that orphanage. Now missionaries share the building with about 80 children.

Becky and Zac Weems connected with Benard when they adopted their two Haitian children. The adoption became permanent right after the earthquake struck.

Since then, the Weems have felt a love, connection and need to serve the country of Haiti. They have passed that on to Fredonia Hill Baptist Church.

The goal in today's VBS was to plant seeds in these children. They have school here every day and learn about the Bible and get English lessons. The babies are cared for every day. What we can bring is just extra hands this week. The children see there are more than just a handful of workers who care for them and that gives them more hope and readies them for the day when they will hopefully be adopted.

We have different stations set up for the children. On one part of the property, we're teaching them English. In another, we're sharing Bible stories. And on the basketball court, we played games with them.

But I'm told there is a "hidden" agenda. It may not be so much that we are to witness to them, but the children are here to witness to us. We see, hear and touch firsthand the need to serve Haiti through their testimony.

Today, Fredonia Hill Baptist Church brought Vacation Bible School to Haiti.

At 9 a.m., VBS started. I took a walk around the place to watch each team in action.

Upstairs on the basketball court, Parker Lattimer, a student at SFA, went at it nonstop with the children for about 90 minutes. There were some mean games of relays, duck, duck, goose, sharks and minnows and parachuting going on.

Downstairs, some young ladies like Maddy Stout and Rebecca Clark led Bible studies and crafts.

It seemed the children enjoyed all of it. They soaked in the lessons like sponges and were great competitors in the games.

Two things stuck out to me. First, the children are the most loveable people in the world. They just open their arms to you and just want to be held without even have known you. I took at as an honor for a child to pick me out of all the other grownups and reach his hands up to me.

I have to go into a little detail about the second thing. At the end of the session, we brought all the children up to the same floor and began singing to them. Simple child songs like "My God is So Big" and "Deep and Wide." In what had to be the coolest thing I'm going to see all week, all at once, the kids looked up at us and sang "Jesus Loves Me."

It was a day which was as fun as it was a learning experience.

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