Vandals trash Kalin's Center storage room in Crockett

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Crockett's Kalin's Center helps countless children every year get justice for abuse done to them, and now they are needing help finding the suspects who vandalized their storage room over the weekend.

Kalin's Center Director, Debbie McCall, has spent years helping children who have been hurt and now she feels hurt.

"People say it's not yours, but it is mine and I feel violated," McCall said.

Over the weekend, several vandals broke into the old Crockett Intermediate, now a storage area for First United Methodist Church and targeted two rooms, including a room set aside for Kalin's Center.

It was hard to go in to the room and find something not covered in black toner, which is why basically everything is destroyed.

"I'm sure you can wash some of this stuff, but you can't wash off coloring books," McCall said.

There is a sign of hope. A few items, including a table and a few pictures, were salvaged.

The center plans on having an open house at their new location in August, but depending on what happens with replacing items from the room, that might be delayed.

"We're still trying to get moved in by August, but getting everything set up for an open house and finished is going to set us back," said McCall.

Crockett police believe several juveniles are responsible for not only this incident but also graffiti at a Little League field a mile away that is now covered in profanity.

As McCall picks up the pieces, those who see Kalin's Center's work first hand know the good work will continue.

"I know the people of God will not be defeated by those who have moments of fallenness," said First United Methodist Church Reverend Patrick Evans.

One piece of evidence that is missing that could help identify the vandals is several missing anatomical dolls. These dolls are very detailed in design and are used to help in abuse interviews.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Crockett Police Department at 936-544-2021.

To learn more about Kalin's Center please go to their Website.

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