Nacogdoches family turns do-it-yourself passion into local business

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Do-it-yourself projects have become a very popular trend and for one Nacogdoches woman that trend has allowed her to express her passion for upholstery. Casey Watts and her family are hoping to soon expand their creativity into their own store.

Most of the furniture in this backyard may look like junk that many would throw to the side of the road but for Watts they're her latest projects.

"The beauty is going to be when I get to refinish it with this gorgeous zebra print fabric," Watts said.

Over the past few months, Watts, her mother and brother have started Dixon Street Art Works in Nacogdoches.

Currently, Watts uses her backyard as an office but things may soon change.

"My biggest goal would be to have a store front downtown somewhere," Watts said. "I actually called today about a place that is for rent."

This DIY passion stems from Watts' 87-year-old grandparents.

"My grandparents are very much do it yourselfers," Watts said. "My whole family is really, but my grandparents kind of spurred that in everyone is the family."

Watts said her brother is the true artist in the family so there was no hesitation about starting their own local business.

"We just kind of ended up getting on the same page of wanting to go pick things up from stores and re-finish them. So, I kind of ran with it and that's how it got started," Watts said.

These pieces of furniture were bought in Nacogdoches from stores like the Women's Shelter, Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity.

"I love to shop at those places because I know I'm giving for a good cause," Watts said. "I love to go to hospice and buy things that they have there, but I also like to donate things, too."

Watts certainly enjoys sharing her creativity with others on social media.

"I love to see what other people are thinking and take that; and do with it what they want," Watts said.

Shopping for items and seeing the finished product is Watts' favorite part of getting into this business. She said she knows exactly how the finished product will look as soon as she makes a purchase.

Watts and her family are currently working on a hand full of projects for the arts and crafts festival in September.

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