Law enforcement cracking down during Fourth of July holiday

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Department of Public Safetyis asking everyone to be safe this July 4 holiday week. They want everyone tobe able to celebrate and have a good time, but remain safe, warning driversthat they will be out to make sure everyone is obeying the traffic laws on theroadway.

"The fourth of July istraditionally one of the deadliest holidays that we experience. We will beworking areas, known for high traffic crashes and DWI crashes as well," saidDPS Spokesperson, David Hendry.

DPS considers thetravel time for the July 4 holiday until July 7, so they will be out in fullforce until then.

Hendry also says that it is important toalways have a designated driver or to not drive if you are drunk.

Several East Texas police departmentshave declared this July 4 as a "no refusal" holiday, meaning if youare stopped for drunk driving and refuse to provide a blood or breath sample,an immediate search warrant will be requested and a blood sample will be obtainedthrough that warrant.

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