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Farmer believes someone killed 2 of his rare piglets

Mulefoots feed at Firefly Farm in North Stonington. Mulefoots feed at Firefly Farm in North Stonington.

A North Stonington farmer believes two of his rare pigs were brutally killed over the weekend.

Mulefoots are the rarest of the American swines, and according to one breed's group, as of 2006, there are only two hundred purebreds left. 

The owner of Firefly Farm, Dugan Tillman-Brown said he believes somebody deliberately targeted his mulefoots hogs, and tortured them to death.

Over the weekend, Tillman-Brown found two of his 4-month-old mulefoot piglets, which had their necks wrapped in electric net fencing.

"They kicked, they dug, they fought," Tillman-Brown said. "And the troopers came, and photographed them."

Tillman-Brown told Eyewitness News it couldn't have been another animal because there were no teeth marks. He added there's no way they could have gotten themselves that tangled.

The family thinks they may be the target, since they've been victims of vandalism before. They've had property damage, and stolen equipment.

Because these pigs are so rare, Tillman-Brown said he wanted to breed them, and the two that died were his strongest males.

Anyone with any information is asked to call state police at 860-848-6500.

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