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ETX Tea Party chapter holds "Don't Tread on Me" rally


An East Texas Tea Party chapter held a rally on Saturday to let people know they think the government is overstepping it's authority.

Elected officials were in abundance on the Longview courthouse lawn, as the Longview Tea Party chapter held what they call the 'Don't Tread on Me Rally'.

"We're celebrating the first amendment. we're celebrating the right to assemble , we're celebrating the right to protest your government to give your grievances to the government," says Tea Party supporter Keith Rothra.

In the wake of targeting by the IRS , the Tea Party says their message remains steady. 

"Obama said a few days ago, we should give up some of our liberty. My freedom, your freedom, comes from god not man," says Longview resident Donald Webb.

From wiretapping to national health care, people at the event say they have a beef with the current government.

"You take an oath to the constitution and if you don't keep that oath you just along to get along then it means nothing," says state representative David Simpson.

"Obamacare is a lie. It's not about health insurance , it's not about health care , it's about government controlling you," Webb says.

"Where the government fears people fears the people there is liberty, where the people fear the government there is tyranny," says state representative Brian Hughes.

And area politicians say they are listening.

"It's about holding our government accountable , we can love and support our country, but we should question our government," Hughes says.

But the group's main message is, they're not going away."The tea party has only begun," Rothra says.

Over 300 people were at the Longview rally, which was just one of dozens of tea party rallies held today all over Texas.

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