Helping Haiti Day 7: Reflections

HAITI (KTRE) - We've had new adventures every day in Haiti. About every hour not spent in bed or on the bus, each of us experience a funny, sweet, emotional or challenging moment.

As our trip winds down and we get ready to come home Monday, I've reflected on the past week.

I have to say it's been a huge success. We've touched the lives of different men, women and children and they've touched ours. We've also laid the groundwork for a major project with a church off the coast and begun looking for more opportunities.

Anytime there's a success, there's a reason for it. Our three nurses deserve credit. So do the women who put in countless hours of loving on Haitians. We've gone to bed and slept well, knowing we worked hard and were satisfied with what we had done.

But we all agree none of this would be close to possible without our leaders, Becky and Zac Weems.

The Weems have been planning this trip for several months and it's been no doubt who's in charge. But it's been easy to follow their lead.

It started with a well thought-out plan for every hour of every day, but circumstances changed so they just tore up those plans and gave us new ones. This week, the back of my shirt ended up in a fight with chewed up bubble gum. That's when Becky, after an exhaustive day which began at 5 am, swooped in and decided to take care of my problem. She's also looking for ways to continue to help Haiti. Here's a warning Nacogdoches: 600 pieces of trash are coming from Haiti and we have to figure out how to make mats out of them so that we can teach it to the women of Haiti.

Zac is our general. He knows this land like the back of his hand. He's also our spiritual leader and cares for us because we're helping him in this mission. Saturday night, he let us know he's proud of us for what we're doing and it was so satisfying to hear.

I want Becky and Zac to know we're proud of them, too.

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