Crockett FD wants to create a fire honor guard

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - One East Texas firedepartment is looking to take a step up.

Last year, theCrockett Fire Department was able to get a Class A Classification Now, it islooking to improve its status and get an honor guard.

There is no set timeframe and with a tight budget all of this is being down through publicdonations.

Chief John Angersteinsaid that for Crockett to get this status would bring more respect to the smalltown department.

"It will instill alittle more pride and honor into our department to where our guys will be ableto represent the City of Crockett and our fire department, especially if it wasa case of our own that was fallen or a neighboring department that was reallyclose to home," Angerstein said.

There is no timeframe set at this time on when the honor guard status will be gained.

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