First tenant of Nacogdoches Fire and Rescue House moves in

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Nacogdoches Fire and Rescue House, dedicated back in February of this year, today has its first tenant.

Extreme hardship brings a person to the house, but the goal is to leave with hope and confidence that everything will be alright.

"It's a nice place," said Sharon teal, the first resident of the Fire and Rescue House.

The Fire and Rescue House is bringing comfort to Teal.

"Where if somebody get burned out they do have somewhere to stay is really good," Teal said.

The rescue home is a place to regroup during troubling times.

"I'm resting right now, because I don't know what's in store for me," Teal said.

On June 23, firefighters rescued 62-year-old Teal and her 82-year-old mother from a burning house. The women were overcome by smoke.

Teal's burns are healing.

"This was burned when I was trying to get my mother out of the house," Teal said.

Her mother remains in a Dallas intensive care unit.

Teal says the rescue house gives her a place of solitude to think out tough decisions.

She knows her mother might not survive a skin graft surgery, but probably won't live without it.

Separation is tough on the only child.

"We sleep together, we eat together, we do everything together," Teal said. "And it's been a hard pill for me to swallow."

Before returning to her mother's bedside, teal is paying bills and looking for permanent housing. It's not easy. She has lupus and severe arthritis. She depends on others for transportation. Love in the Name of Christ and generous benefactors provide her temporary home.

"They got them stocked, full of food," Teal said.

More reassurance comes from a smoky Bible.

"'The lord is my shepherd. I shall not want,'" Teal said.

Teal is facing her trials and tribulations head on, but worries her Alzheimer's-stricken mother isn't understanding the separation.

"I'm going to pull back up again, and I just hope and pray to god she can be there with me," Teal said.

The Nacogdoches Fire Department is expecting to have the final report on the house fire investigation by the end of the week.

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