Crockett Coca-Cola keeps it in the family

The Old plant in downtown Crockett
The Old plant in downtown Crockett

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - The city of Crockett isknown to many for its deep roots in Texas history. If you have been to Crockettin the last one hundred and seven years, you have probably had a nice coldCoca-Cola delivered straight from the Crocket Coca Cola Bottling Company.

In those 107 years, onename has been in charge of getting the refreshing drink to you.

For four generations The Edminston'scan take credit for providing happiness.

The family owned andoperated business is still going strong.

"I started in thebusiness in 1937, and Howard came in about 1967 and then Parker came in afterthat," said second generation business operator S.A. Edminston.

"To have all three ofus in the same office a lot of times all three of us are here, so that's prettyspecial," said third generation business operator Howard Edminston.

Fourth generation ParkerEdminston runs the day to day operations, but grandfather, S.A Edminston hashis rightful place.

"It's something to do. Ican't play golf all day every day," said S.A. Edminston.

Before S.A., in 1906,there was Charles Edminston, the founder of the business.

To be a family ownedbusiness in this day and age is special.

The family says only about70 privately owned Coca-Cola centers still exist.

It's been a few yearssince the business used the bottling plant in downtown, but to the locals thememories are still there.

"I ran into someone the other day thatsaid one of their fondest memories was when they were in school and going downto the old plant and watch the bottles being filled," Said Howard Edminston.

To say they haven't seen changes in a hundredyears is an understatement, but one thing that remains consistent is tradition.

"It's quite an honorto be part of a business that has survived and prosper for over 100 years,"said Howard Edminston.

The family says as long asthe city of Crockett will have them they will continue to provide cokes andsmiles.

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