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TISD bonds fund construction, new school


Two Tyler high schools are getting leftovers...leftover money, that is. A 2008 bond wasn't entirely used due to construction projects costing less than budgeted for by the Tyler Independent School District.

"By the time we got the plans drawn and started to build it deflation set in and we just got a lot more for our money," Monte Robinett, The Construction Project Manager, said.

Now, that leftover money is being used at Robert E. Lee and John Tyler High Schools. When students get back to school they'll find new bathrooms. They have new paint and upgraded appliances.

"So, that's what's going on with excess bond funds this summer," Robinett said.

They're renovating bathrooms in the A building, the F building, and the C building at Robert E. Lee, and they're also re-doing the science building, which is in the D building. The football field is also getting renovated. They're also adding in a security fence around the entire perimeter of the school. This is all scheduled to be finished mid-August before students arrive back for the school year.

Just when things are finishing up here, a new bond is slated to be used for construction "in early September on the CTE center," Robinett said.

Career and Technical Education Center  plans are complete according to Robinett.

Dixie and Rice Elementary Schools will also benefit from that bond with renovations. Boulter and Moore Middle Schools will be torn down and rebuilt on site, while a third middle school will be built on Three Lakes Drive.

"The middle schools will all start in February, all three of them, then the two [elementary schools], will start in March, April."

Officials say they'll be adding a gymnasium, music room, cafeteria and much more to those elementary schools. The new middle school does not have a name yet.

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