Trinity Police show re-named 'Fat Cops'

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - Following a pledge to give a TV show about the Trinity Police Department a better timeslot after putting it on hiatus, CMT has brought the show back on-air with a new name and the same timeslot.

"Big Texas Heat" is now called "Fat Cops." The first two episodes aired over the weekend and were the same as the previous versions, save the new name.

Even the logo is the same, with "Fat Cops" taking the place of the words "Big Texas Heat."

Episode three will air July 20 at 9:30 p.m. and episode four will air July 27 at the same time.

The first four episodes aired in the fall of 2012, but was put on hiatus in December.

According to CMT spokeswoman Amanda Murphy, the network wanted to re-schedule the show in the New Year in an earlier timeslot "to give the series the exposure it deserves."

It also appears CMT is not too interested in promoting the show, as there are no links to information about it on the network's Facebook page.

However, there is information about the show on the network's website.

Trinity Police Chief Steve Jones and Officer David Givens appeared on the Steve Harvey Show in December and took on his weight-loss challenge. Harvey told them if they lost 60 pounds, he would "walk the streets of Trinity."

Jones said they have reached the goal and are working on new goals. They are hoping to turn a negative, like the new show title, into a positive by showing what they have accomplished by becoming healthier.

"CMT is strong in late-night, and feel this is the best place for the show at this time," Murphy stated in an email Wednesday afternoon. "It does have some earlier airings scheduled later in the month."

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