Hudson Police encouraging drivers to slow down after 2 accidents involving children

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - 10-year-old Daymeon Goodwinsays he spends most his summer days outside, playing with his older brother andneighborhood friends.

"Riding bikes, playingbaseball, playing football," said Goodwin.

Just last week the10-year-old was life flighted to Houston after being hit by an oncomingvehicle.

"I did not see himcoming," said Goodwin.

"He said he sideswipedme off the road, I ran into the garbage can and came up off my bike," saidRhonda Wilson, mother.

Hudson Police Chief JimmyCasper says that incident is still being investigated, along with a secondaccident where a child hit by a car.

Casper says the accidentshappened just four days apart.

"I'm not sure if hewas actually hit or got scared and moved off into the ditch and wrecked out,"said Casper.

Casper says during thesummer time kids are outside playing and many of the local roads don't havesidewalks, so drivers need to be mindful, especially in neighborhoods.

"They're runningaround and they aren't really conscious of what's going on around them, they'lldart out in the road way. If you see a kid on a bicycle or anyone on a bicycletry to stay at least five feet of them on the side and let them know thatyou're passing them," said Casper.

Officials say it's up toparents to warn their children of danger before letting them stepoutside."

"It's never too youngto teach your kids how to be watchful of cars," said Casper.

Goodwin's mother Rhoda Wilsonsays that's what she tries to do and hopes the new caution sign will reminddrivers as well.

"I try to watcheveryone's kids, including mine. If I could get half the people to payattention to the sign because they still come through here pretty fast,"said Wilson.

Goodwin spent four days in a Houston hospitalhe was treated for a ripped spleen.

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