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Where is Lon Morris College one year after declaring bankruptcy?


One year has passed since Lon Morris College declared bankruptcy.

The college auctioned off the core of their 12 acre campus, which was arranged into 16 different groupings of facilities and land.

Major purchases were made by local bidders, including Jacksonville ISD.

Beverly Berry has lived across the street from Lon Morris for more than 50 years.

"My brother went there, my sister-in-law went there, their children have gone there," Berry said.

When she learned the property was divided up and purchased by different bidders, she was not sure what was going to happen.

"It's been there a long time; its been part of Jacksonville for a long time. It's just been different," Berry said.

What used to be full of life is now pretty deserted.

"It hasn't been bad. They've kind of kept it up and haven't let it get too overgrown," Berry said.

She said there are a few areas that need a little attention.

"There's still a bunch of dead trees up there," Berry said.

However, she said Jacksonville ISD has spent a lot of timing working on their property, which includes the college's administration building.

Jacksonville ISD Superintendent Dr. Joe Wardell said that building will soon serve as the district's administration office.

"Oh yeah, they've been working on it and trimming up the overgrown vines and made it look real nice," Berry said.  

Updates are also being made to the gym.

"Our plan is to have a convocation where we bring all the teachers before school starts and everything in that gym, and also our goal is to be that administration building by the first of the school year," Dr. Wardell said.

The district also purchased several acres. Right now, the college's baseball and softball fields sit on that land, but Dr. Wardell hopes that one day a new elementary school will be constructed there.

However, right now, no bonds for a new Jacksonville ISD school have been presented.

Although the other property owners have not made any concrete decisions just yet, Dr. Wardell said he does not think they will have any issues.

"We really feel very comfortable with the people who did purchase the property and feel like they'll do some good quality things with that," Dr. Wardell said.

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