Lufkin man hoping to set convicted killer free through public records requests

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Lufkin Police Department will have their hands full over the next week finding over 18,000 documents and it's all the work of one man, David Stua.

"I would say somewhere between 800,000 and a million requests," said Stua.

The open records request all went to two departments, the Angelina County and Cities Health District and the Lufkin Police Department. They were all for one reason.

"Kimberly Saenz is innocent. She did not commit these murders," said Saenz.

Stua hopes all of these documents from the departments will prove that prescription drugs provided by Davita Dialysis caused the deaths of five patients, no bleach filled injection shots administered by Saenz that the state argued back in 2008.

Stua says some people are against his crusade but says it doesn't matter to him.

"Well, I don't figure it's never a waste when there is possibly someone who could be innocent. If we accepted that thought that once somebody's convicted we would never examine that evidence, we wouldn't have all these people right now that have been exonerated by DNA evidence," said Stua.

Police Chief Scott Marcotte said that by requesting more than 18,000 records at once, it keeps the police from doing what they are supposed to do, protecting citizens.

That's something Stua understands, but argues against.

"There's nothing wrong about doing it that way," said Stua. I'm not trying to cause the city or the health district any problems with their primary functions, although responding to an open records request is a critical responsibility of theirs as well."

The East Texas News reached out to the Angelina County and Cities Health District for comment, but their spokesperson, Sharon Shaw was out of the office and no one else would give any comment on the matter.

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