Zumba gold class a hit among Castle Pines residents

Every Thursday afternoon you'll find about 30residents at Castle Pines Health and Rehabilitation Center on the dance floorenjoying the center's Zumba Gold class.

"It kind of pulls therhythm out of you and when you get a certain age that's wonderful," saidLuberta Fields, Castle Pines Resident.

Zumba Gold is gearedspecifically towards older participants. After the Castle Pines staff startedZumba class of their own, the residents were eager to join in.

"They worked out aroutine that we could have it and we love it, we wouldn't be here repeatedly ifwe didn't love it," said Shirley Wharf, Castle Pines Resident.

In the Zumba Gold classthe instructors modify each dance to fit the needs of their residents."

"With the residentsyou can do sitting, you can repeat some of the moves and you make it simple andtake into consideration they have limitations," said Jacob Boudreaux,instructor.

Instructors say Zumba is atotal body workout and residents agree.

"It makes me superduper, you saw me moving didn't you," said Fields.

Resident Shirley Wharfsays she'll be 91 in November and she hopes her new hobby will help her seemany more birthdays.

"I want to keep memoving as long as I can, I want to live to be a least 100," said Wharf.

The instructors anddancers all agree, Zumba is something they all get excited for and the classcreates a sense of community among the residents and staff.

"We need to grouptogether and work together for a common goal, to better our bodies," saidWharf.

And demonstrate thatdancing can be enjoyed at any age.

"Everybody can try itcan be 1 to 100," said Fields.

Castle Pines started theprogram two months ago and each class lasts about 30 minutes.

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