Caney Creek Winery becomes first winery in Houston Co.

GRAPELAND, TX (KTRE) - When you think wine, youthink Napa Valley, Spain or Italy, not Grapeland, Texas.

One East Texas family ishoping to change that.

Bill Gayle "We arethe first winery in Houston County, and I'm pretty proud of that," said CaneyCreek Winery Part-Owner Bill Gayle.

Since the Caney CreekWinery opened last week, feedback has been positive.

"They are excitedabout this business being here, because it's not like anything they have hadbefore," Caney Creek Winery Part-Owner Becky Gayle.

Don't take the owner's wordfor it.

"I think it is a goodaccess to Grapeland. I think it is something that people can do ," said winetaster Jean Twine.

Having a winery in EastTexas raises eyebrows, but having it in a town called Grapeland sparks conversationfor Bill Gayle, who also flies cargo planes around the world.

"When I tell themthat, they are really interested.," said Gayle. "It really sparks things inpeople."

The East Texas climate isnot the perfect spot for these grapes to grow, but the Gayles have made ithappen.

Special netting andpesticide have made the process work in an area where insects and weather arenot good for grapes.

Looking back over the last8 years the Gayles see success.

"It's more than what weimagined," said Gayle. "It's turning out really well; it just takes a lot ofwork."

As the Texas wine industrycontinues to grow with more than 240 wineries. It looks like the Texas wineinvasion has begun.

"Texas wines arebeating California and Europe; that's how good, and hopefully more restaurantswill start putting in Texas wines and support the Texas wine industry," saidGayle.

An industry that Caney Creek Wineryis proud to be part of it.

To find out more about the Caney CreekWinery, visit their official facebook page.

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