Angelina Co. recovering addicts will now be sent to Houston, Marshall detox facility closing

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Those seeking treatment for substance abuse in Angelina county are usually sent to a detox facility in Marshall, but next month that will all change when the Oak Haven Recovery Center shuts down.

"Detox can be a very critical thing for an addict," said ADAC Prevention Director Kim Simmons. "There are certain drugs that someone could withdraw from where they could actually die through the detox process."

It's a life or death benefit but there is no local detox facility in Angelina County. Roughly 300 to 400 people are screened in the county each year and half of them are placed in treatment.

"The detox facility in Marshall closing means that we will be going to new locations to get treatment as far as detox goes," Simmons said.
Clients will now be sent to a detox facility in Houston where treatment is only available on a first come, first serve bases.

"It's extremely vital if we truly want to help people change their lives and give them an opportunity when they're ready to make that decision," Eric King said. "Without something for them to utilize it's a fruitless effort."

For the past six years, Eric King has been recovering from alcoholism.

He is a member of the Recovery Operated Systems of Care group in effort to help others on the journey to recovery.

"The Department of State Health Services have created ROSC for the purpose of being able to rally the troops to bring the community, groups and organizations together to be able to step up and stand in when the government couldn't afford to keep funding everything," King said.

ADAC's prevention director is hopeful that the community will become a support system.

"The biggest benefit that we can have from having somebody come to the meeting is to help fill in the gaps," Simmons said.

Ashley Cook feels filling in the gaps will help not only recovering addicts but also our youth.

"Children who live in homes with addiction are children who live in danger; and children who live in those homes are in danger of sexual abuse, an increased danger of physical and emotional abuse and neglect," said Harold's House Community Education Director Ashley Cook.

The Recovery Operated Systems of Care meetings are held the last Thursday of each month at 10 a.m. at the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council in Lufkin. Everyone is invited to attend.

"It will take the community to be able to find other locations and other remedies. It may take us a little longer to get somebody a little help," King said. "We may have to drive a little further and stay a night or two, but once that decision is made there are people in the community we will help move forward."

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