Lufkin author discusses relationships in book “Sleeping with the Pastor”

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Author Sena Whitaker has been married to her husband Pastor Earl Whitaker Sr. for 10 years and as a pastor's wife she's taken what she's learned to help others in their relationships.

"It meant a lot to me to pull the covers back, I'm very transparent I'm very candid," said Whitaker.

In her book titled I'm Sleeping with the Pastor, Whitaker dives in to the subject of relationships in a way anyone can relate to.

"I wanted him to maybe hang around and it dawned on me that I was sleeping with the pastor and as a result of that he and I brainstormed on what that meant to live with the pastor," said Whitaker.

That discovery led to further examination other relationship dynamics, but Whitaker says everything begins with god.

"Because if that relationship is not in it's proper place your relationship with everyone else means nothing," said Whitaker.

Whitaker says the book took her seven years to complete and during that time she surveyed other pastor's wives and members of her congregation.

"We wanted to have something that looked at every aspect of family life every aspect of relationships," said Whitaker.

Beverly Powell says she's in chapter 12 of the book but is already using what's she learned in her relationships at work.

"Even though I'm not in her position but it's still good, everybody can learn from it," said Powell.

Whitaker says nobody is perfect.

"Some things were hard for me, submission was hard from," said Whitaker.

But hopes her book will serve as a relationship success kit, not only for pastors wives but for everyone.

The book is available on

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