Nacogdoches residents gather enough signatures for alcohol election

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Beginning today, Nacogdoches Election Coordinator Debra Gaston is busy verifying about 1,900 of the more than 2,400 signatures collected on petitions. Voters are calling for a city election that could do away with the private club law. She's pleased there are more than enough signatures.

"Absolutely because once it's turned in, there's no supplemental list that can come in," Gaston said. "It has to be complete once it's turned in."

Following several attempts over the years, this is the first time enough signatures have been collected. Those in the food and drink business attribute the success to the formation of the Nacogdoches Restaurant and Bar Association, a political action committee.

"That's what was beautiful about this association," said Jessica Drahem, the NRBA secretary. Everybody put down their agendas at the door and we came together for a common cause."

Restaurant and bar owners complain the private club law costs them too much time and money in fees and record keeping. Customers don't like the confusion.

The Nacogdoches Restaurant and Bar Association is optimistic of doing away with the private club law. If successful, it will not disband, but rather turn its attention to promoting tourism.

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