Part 1 of interview with Jorvorskie Lane

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Former Lufkin star running back Jorvorskie Lane was in town over the weekend for a school supplies give away. While Lane was back home, Justin sat down with the now Miami Dolphins fullback. In part one of the interview, Lane talked about his road to the NFL after playing two years in arena football, and being out of the sport for several months.

Jorvorskie Lane, fullback of the Miami Dolphins. How does that sound to you?

"Sometimes I just sit back and catch myself, just thinking about all the hard work I had to go through and still I don't know its still surreal sometimes."

You played two years of indoor football, then got back in shape and signed with the Dolphins. Just talk to people Jorvorskie and tell them the mindset a player has to have to really make their dreams come true.

"What I did, I wrote it on a piece of paper. When I didn't get it or hadn't got it, I mean its self explanatory. You see it every day and you do what it takes. You know I had to crawl, scratch, drown, almost drown, it's really nothing to it."

When you run out of the tunnel on Sunday's does it make you appreciate it a little bit more considering what you had to go through?

"Oh man, my first time was when we played the Texans and the first thing I saw was a guy holding up a poster that said, 'Jorvorskie, Lufkin loves you.' Man I got down on one knee and prayed, shed a tear and it make you appreciate it a lot. That's the moment I Knew I made it."