Runaway Fears Run Throughout Diboll ISD

by Chris Cato

Thursday's events were set in motion Wednesday night when a Diboll High School student ran away from home. He's run away before, and he's had past run-ins with police. To keep other Diboll students safe, the Diboll ISD Superintendent sent an extra officer to one of the town's schools and put the schools on lock down.

Bobby Baker, DISD Superintendent said, "Suddenly word was getting out that we're in lock down. Lock down can be used many different ways. We had just security of doors and those type things on campuses."

Baker says he took these steps just to be careful. He was concerned the missing teenager would cause some type of mischief at the school, like maybe pulling a fire alarm. But when students and teachers saw the doors being locked, and the extra security, rumors started spreading.

As these rumors passed from person to person, they grew from a simple situation with a runaway, to somebody having a gun at the school, to shots being fired. It progressed to the point where many parents started calling the district to make sure their kids were safe.

Baker said, "It really didn't become disruptive until the word began to get out."

Diboll ISD is still taking precautions to make sure the runaway student doesn't disrupt the school in any way. And as far as weapons go, Diboll police officials do not think the student is armed and dangerous. But some parents tell us they're still afraid of the rumors, saying their children will not be in school until they're sure it's safe.