Rookie Angelina Co. deputy delivers baby

An East Texas sheriff's deputy has only been on the job for five months, but she already has a baby named after her.

Angelina County Deputy Amanda Lee helped deliver a baby in the back seat of a truck. She said she never imagined it was something she would have to do, and it was not something she was trained for. She helped deliver a six pound baby Monday morning thanks to being in the right place at the right time.

Lee has never met the Rogers but she will be tied to them for the rest of her life. Lee was dispatched to a road hazard early Monday morning but before she had the chance to remove the tree from the road, and with only a rain coat and a radio she delivered a baby.

"I was there for about one or two minutes and on the opposite side of this tree I saw a vehicle pull up and saw some headlights, and a male exited and started waving his arms," Lee said.

Cody Rogers knew there was not enough time to make it to the hospital in Lufkin. He decided the back seat of his truck would be the safest place to deliver his daughter.

"I was freaking out pretty bad. We had to use my shirt to wipe off the baby," Rogers said.

It's a story the family will never forget.

"I told him every time we put her in the truck that's what we're going to tell her; this is where you were born," said mother Tasha Scroggins. "We wanted a woman to deliver her and my doctor is a man, so it was crazy that she actually showed up."

This special delivery is certainly not what Lee was expecting. Her own child was a C-section baby, so this is something Lee never experienced.

"It's an amazing feeling," Lee said. "I'm not going to lie to you; I was scared because I did not know what was going to happen. I did not know if there was going to be complications. I was the only person there to help this baby and her mother."

Chloe Amanda Roger's parents are forever grateful and will never forget Lee's back seat delivery.

"It's amazing," Scroggins said. "I really thank her for that. That's why we gave our baby her name."

If Chloe was a boy, the deputy's name would still play an important role.

"His middle name would be Lee instead of Amanda," Rogers said.

"I think that's great; it's a privilege," Lee said. "My main concern was the baby and the mother, and to make sure everything was going to turn out ok."

Chloe Rogers will be going home on Tuesday, and her family has opened their house for Deputy Lee to visit anytime she wants.

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