Part 2 of interview with Jorvorskie Lane

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - In part two of his interview with Jorvorskie Lane, Justin asked the Miami fullback about his first year in the NFL, and what the transition was like from running back to fullback. Lane also touched on what its like to play with former A&M head coach Mike Sherman and quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

How would you characterize your first year Jorvorskie? You got in the endzone a few times.

"I'm pretty hard on myself, so I give myself a C+. You know I still have a lot of work to do and still learn you know. The NFL is a hard game, so I still have a lot to learn."

You played tailback at A&M obviously, then moved to fullback your senior year, what was that transition like and how much different is playing fullback in college versus the NFL?

"It's a big difference. Everybody is a lot bigger, a lot faster. I mean you can't just bully up with people like you could in high school and college. I mean you can, but it's a lot harder, it takes a lot of determination because that man that is lined up next you has a family, kids, and his mindset is that mine is, so it's man on man."

You have some A&M with you on the Dolphins in Ryan Tannehill, Mike Sherman. How much aggie talk is there in the locker room?

"That's one of the biggest things in the locker room is guys competing with their colleges and on our phones all the time and in the airport, on the plane. We are always talking about our schools, so your school doesn't go anywhere."