Teenagers are Turning to Home Instead of Streets to Get High

The results of a new National Survey on Drug Use and Health are causing major concern. The study shows more teens are taking prescription medications...without having any medical need for them.

Shari Ratliff of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council says, "There's a current drug trend that we're very alarmed about called pharming. They just take all of the prescription drugs they can find and put it in a big bowl. It's kinda like a dare; just take turns and grab a handful and see what happens."

Prescription drugs can cost more than street drugs, but they're becoming so popular among teens because they're often a lot easier to get.

Ratliff says, "You need to take the precautions to either lock it up or keep it on your person. Keep it not in plain sight and not where it's easy for them to get."

A lot of kids in East Texas are being raised by their grandparents. Since seniors are more likely to have a large amount of prescribed medication in their homes, they can end up being a source for teens to find these drugs. That's why it's so important for the elderly to keep track of where their medicine is and how much they have at all times.

If you'd like more information about prescription drugs and the dangerous effects they can have on your kids, contact the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of Deep East Texas at 1-800-445-8562.

Spending time with your kids can be a good way to prevent drug and alcohol abuse, and you've got a great chance to do that Saturday in Angelina County.

It's "Family Day!" East Texas organizations are presenting the campaign to remind parents how important it can be to eat meals together with your family.

"Family Day" happens Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Ellen Trout Zoo. Admission will be half price, and so will train rides. The day will also include free puppet shows, face paintings and plenty of giveaways.