Angelina County senior citizens get a lesson in self defense

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's a crash course in selfdefense for Angelina County seniors.

"It makes you feelmore confident in yourself, if you know what you can do in a situation," saidEva Richmond.

Self defense instructor Gabriella Roberts says seniorcitizens are more vulnerable to home invasion and unexpected attacks.

So, she is using her 20years of training to help give them peace ofmind in any situation.

"Complacency issomething that can happen and to stay vigilant about their surroundings,awareness and prevention are very important," said Roberts.

Roberts says the right mindset is the first rule of selfdefense.

"The survival modeand the survival mindset, that's what I mainly want them to understand andunderstand that they can overcome and conquer a situation," said Roberts.

Participant Eva Richmond says she's learned that there issafety in numbers and the importance of staying aware of your surroundings atall times.

"We have to take careof ourselves as well and kind of get in a routine and take little things forgranted," said Richmond.

"That's all it takesis the strength with what we have and the tools that we have to use and utilizethat for each community member," said Roberts.

Roberts says no matter what your age, everyone is capable ofprotecting themselves.

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