Senior dog Sally is ready to relax at home

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Senior dogs are sometimes over-looked at shelters for younger dogs but these older pooches still have plenty of love to give.

Sally is an 8-year-old black lab mix with a few gray hairs but a sweet and loveable personality.

Sally may be a little bit older but she's really well mannered and ready to find a loving home
Director of Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter, Aaron Ramsey says, "Sometimes adult dogs are overlooked people a lot of times are looking for a younger dog or puppy. A lot of people don't realize older dogs make great pets just as well some of them are already trained and know basic commands and just the maturity level you can tell she's just really laid back and calm and  they make just as good a pet as a younger dog does."

Kurth also offers a special reduced adoption fee of only $35 for senior dogs.

Sally is wise and prefers lounging in the shade but she's still enjoys playtime.

"As you can see she likes to hang out you know she does like to fetch and play ball we take her in this area here and let her run around and play," said Ramsey.

So if you're looking for a laid back dog who loves to relax, Sally is your girl.

"She just for the most part, like most senior dogs they just kind of like to hang out and you know eat, sleep and very loyal dogs."

For more information on how to adopt our furry friend Sally, call the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter at 936-633-0218.

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