Lufkin residents say square dancing is for everyone

Texans love to dance, andfor many outsiders, square dancing is a stereotypical dance all Texans do.

One group is trying tomake that stereotype a fun experience for all.

Tidal wave and pass theocean may be strange code to any outsider but to members of the Pinesquaresthey all makes sense.

The Pinesqaures have beenmastering the square dance in Lufkin for well over 30 years.

"It sounds oldfashioned but it's not, and it's a worldwide thing," said Pinesquares presidentDeanna Lee. It's not just Texas."

The Pinesqaures meet twicea month, developing friendships and dance moves.

The group varies in age, tryingto break the stereotype that square dancing is for older people.

"I've done a lot ofdancing before; country western and stuff like that," said 18 year old JoshuaLee. "I heard about square dancing and wanted to try it. I got out there andjust had a blast."

"I really didn't want to start," said 21year old Caleb Phillips.  "I had some friendsthat were doing it, so I came out and danced once and it was so much fun that Ihave stuck with it."

They are even confidentthey can teach anyone.

"If you can walk, you cansquare dance," said Lee. "It's friendship set to music, as long as you can moveyour feet and walk. You don't even have to have rhythm."

"We teach them thelessons, we teach them the definition's and we teach them the moves, and wetake it one step at a time," said Caller and square dance teacher Mike Mayeux.

The group is planning onstarting beginner lessons in September. To learn more about the group and theirschedule of events, you can visit their website.

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