Sports Legends visit Boys and Girls Club of Nacogdoches

Celebrities are visitingthe oldest town in Texas and it's all for a good cause.

Former National BasketballAssociation and National Football League players are in Nacogdoches for theannual McClain Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament.

Before they tee it up onFriday, several of the legends made a special stop by the Boys and Girls clubof Nacogdoches.

They were hoping to spreadsome love and teach the kids about the importance of school.

"It's good to come in and see the Boysand Girls Club and bring excitement to them," said NBA Hall of Famer MosesMalone. "We got some cool athletes coming in."

"A lot of kids need a good influencetoday," said former Dallas Cowboys Tight End Billy Dupree. "There's not as muchsupport from when I was a kid. When I grew up we didn't have all the ills ofsociety working on us. We didn't have all the difficulties they have to dealwith in the day to day activities."

Tee time for the golf tournament is at 8 a.m.Friday morning at the Pineywoods Golf Club in Nacogdoches.

All proceeds will go to local youthcharities.

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